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Atlantic Gulf Insurance Brokers, Inc is a boutique insurance company providing simple solutions to the complex liabilities unique to the energy and marine market in the Gulf Coast and beyond. In addition to our various maritime services, Atlantic Gulf offers 360 degree protection to many of our clients.

Atlantic Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers is an international insurance intermediary, headquartered in Madrid, Spain. With additional offices in London, Bogota, and Miami, Atlantic Gulf leans on our global reach and deep experience to bring our clients the very best service and value in the marketplace.

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Our team

Barry Buchan


Mr. Buchan was one of the founders and owners of Newman Martin and Buchan (NMB), a highly successful London headquartered insurance brokerage with 180 employees. NMB was sold in 2013 to an CGCS. Mr. Buchan was also instrumental in founding Osprey Underwriting Agency, the oldest and original dedicated provider of fixed premium Protection and Indemnity for the owners of smaller short-sea trade vessels and craft in the US. Moreover, Mr. Buchan also largely contributed to setting up Norfolk Insurance Brokers in Norfolk. Virginia (USA).

Guy Pierpoint

Senior Executive Director

Guy has over 30 years experience in the marine insurance market when he has held several senior positions in the industry. Guy was instrumental in the start of Osprey Underwriting Agency in 1991 and most recently as CEO of Thomas Miller Specialty.

Thomas Angiolino

Senior Vice President

Tom has over 35 years experience in the insurance industry concentrating on all aspects of Marine and related coverages. His career began at Johnson & Higgins where he was a team leader. He was the Hull and Liabilities Manager at Willis’ New York, and Eastern Region office for 15+ years. Most recently, he was the Marine Manager at Integro Insurance Brokers.

Rick Jones

Senior Vice President

Rick has over 40 years of property insurance experience, with both US domestic and international exposures. Rick has been a retail broker for a large privately held partnership, he has served as a commercial property underwriter, a reinsurance facultative broker/underwriter, a surplus lines broker/underwriter and MGA underwriter as well as an international network broker having lived and placed international business in the far East for three consecutive years.

Scott Noe

Head of Operations

Scott has over 35 years of experience managing companies and a decade of claims experience at Condon Claims Management, specializing in mediation and litigation. A graduate of Pepperdine School of Law, Scott’s mix of legal, business development, operations and finance has led to a successful career in resolving long-standing problems and creating solutions that improve operational efficiency.