Friday 24th July 2015

The Panama Canal Authority has recently warned of a critical situation regarding water levels of the Canal due to lack of rain, which could result in a reduction of the maximum permissible transit draft.

A decision is expected within the next ten days. A few weeks’ notice should be given prior to the actual implementation of the new maximum draft. The reduction could be six inches. The current maximum permissible canal transit draft is 39’06’’ (12.04 m) in tropical fresh water at the deepest point of immersion.

Furthermore, we have been advised of some major locks maintenance works which are scheduled to take place for a period of nine days towards the end of September. This will cause considerable reduction in transit capacity and, therefore, potential for canal transit delays. The latest monthly canal operations summary can be found here.


Source of Information
C. Fernie & Co. S. A.

Bulletin 1051

Bulletin 1051 – ADV20-2015 Monthly Canal Operations Summary -JUNE 2015