• Report of the AGM proceedings and resolutions adopted.
• New Directors elected to the Member’s Committee.
• Proposed changes to the Club’s governance structure was approved by the Members


Annual General Meeting
At the Annual General Meeting held in Zurich on Saturday 19th November 2016, the proposed resolutions in
the agenda were put to the Members and were adopted by the meeting. A detailed explanation of the changes
to the Club’s governance can be found in the “Autumn Review 2016”.
The Report and Accounts as audited and certified for the period ended 20th February 2016 were approved.
The retiring Directors who offered themselves for re-election to the Members’Committee were all re-elected.
In addition, the following were also elected to the Members’Committee:MrT.Al-Junaidi of Oman Shipping
Company S.A.O.C,Mr A.Hadjipateras of Dorian LPG (USA) LLC,Mr S.Messina of Gruppo Messina S.p.A.,
Mr D.Ofer of Zodiac Maritime Ltd, and Mr M.H.Ross of Chevron Shipping LLC.
Messrs Moore Stephens LLP of London were re-appointed auditors of the Club.
Yours faithfully

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