Intelectual Property (IP) Insurance

Intellectual Identity

We ensure the identity of your company

Atlantic Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers believes that the value of companies lies in what distinguishes them from others. That is why we believe in the importance and need to protect your intangible assets, those that make your business unique and competitive. Our offer of industrial and intellectual property (IP) encompasses, among other rights, patents and trademarks or copyrights, covering the defense and processing of claims for infringements of the rights of the company, organizations or inventors.

What includes?

Liability for IP infringement

The policy covers the defense of patents and all other claims of infringement of IP filed against the insured, including legal expenses, procedural (bail), damages, as well as extrajudicial and counter-claims. It can be extended to senior managers (D & O) in the case of being co-defendants or that the claim is also addressed to them together with the company.

Loss of Rights

Investment in innovation supposes a very high cost. If a right is invalidated as a consequence of an infraction, this coverage can recover that investment allowing the Insured to move on to the next project without major problems. The coverage is broad and can be negotiated as a measure: consequential losses, expenses to prevent future infractions, costs of new licenses, etc.

Contractual indemnity coverage

This coverage is vital, encourages and improves businesses, allowing smaller companies to accept and comply with the contract and the indemnities demanded by their clients. It can be extended for claims between the company and its employees when there are contracts that include clauses related to the company’s IP.

Persecution of offenders

Companies invest a lot of time, effort and money developing their IP and, of course, we believe that this important investment must be protected. Therefore, it is essential to offer coverage for all expenses associated with enforcing one’s rights against the offender, especially when it can have a serious commercial impact on your business.

Coverage of Loss of Benefits and Withdrawal of Product

Loss of Benefits coverage can be critical for SMEs with a single or small product line. In the case of judicially losing a claim for infringement, this would result in a court order to withdraw the product as well as the cessation of business; with this coverage, you can cover both concepts.